Lenas first book Det hände i Toscana It happened in Tuscany was published in 2016. So far it is only available in Swedish. At the back it tells you the content:

“In order to get away from demands and everyday routines Lena decides to travel to Tuscany on her own. The adventures starts at once as Mario courts the blonde, bella donna from Sweden. But will it end after the marching out in San Miniato?”

With backpacks we struggle up the hills of La Salita in this book. The regional trains and local buses take us to Michelangelos´ Florence and Leonardo da Vincis birth home, but also Montalbano and Empoli. As a bonus we sail off to Sardinia and Corsica. Tricky landlords, sex, a catholic church mass, prostitutes, Rotary and picking olives are some of the content in this book.

The is a warm, hilarious and sensual about freedom and happiness in every day life. Based on a true story.

It happened in..
Lena is planning on new books in the series of “It happened in”.. The second might be called It Happened In The Blog. Her blog Life in Italy and Sweden has had over 60 000 views in two years. She will pick the best posts and put them together. This book will be available in English and Swedish.

The working title of the third book is It happened in Latina. The story takes place in a city and in the mountains outside the mysterious Napoli. Lena promises you excitement and Mamma mia moments, but laughter as well.

It might be a book number four. Lena is considering It happened in London. After two wild years in the Queen Elizabeths England there are a lot of secrets to share with you.

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