You Said What!?/Va sa du?!

(Right now I am in South Tirol, on my way to Germany for a few days. I love to see cows again)

Interesting how I speak when I am not ready to do so. This morning was worse than ever:
Cleaning lady: – Buon giorno!
Me: – Good giorno.
Hotel reception: – Buon giornata! (Have a good day)
Me: – Buon giornata anche io (Have a good day, me too)
Lady in a shop: – Ciao!
Me: – Brrao.
Sometimes all languages fight in my head:
Lady/gentleman: – Buon giorno!
Me: Bhmpfgrnrononaönghampf.
Lady/gentleman: What? 
It happens all the time.
Intressant hur jag svarar när jag blir överrumplad. I morse var det värre än någonsin:
Städerska: – Buon giorno!
Jag: – Good giorno.
Hotel reception: Buon giornata! (ha en bra dag!)
Jag: Buon giornata anche io (ha en bra dag jag också)
Dam i affär: – Ciao!
Jag: Brrao.
Ibland råder fullständig kaos:
Dam/herre: Buon giorno!
Jag: Hmpbfgohggbopmfphm

Det händer hela tiden.

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